Welcome to Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management
Welcome to Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Hello and welcome to our website! On behalf of a great team of educators, I welcome you to our department and the exciting world of hospitality and tourism. Ours is both an academic discipline and a lifestyle.
Let me share with you three reasons why you should consider a career in hospitality/tourism:
1. There are strong chances of getting a job in the industry. The tourism/hospitality industry is the fourth largest industry in the world and the second fastest growing economic venture. Globally, it employs one in every 11 jobs.

2.You can fit into other careers. A graduate of a tourism/hospitality programme has wide career options.Outside the hospitality and tourism sector, our graduates have found jobs in banking and finance, airlines and community work. Within the sector itself, our graduates have been readily employed in hotels, upscale restaurants and tourism public sector institutions such as the Ministry of Tourism and the Ghana Tourism Authority.

3.Training in the industry gives you important professional skills needed for the corporate world. All over the world, tourism/hospitality training provides its students with soft skills that make them stand out and fit into any corporate setting, regardless of their background. 
Why study hospitality/tourism at UCC?

  •  We have a great assembly of outstanding faculty who are well versed in their areas of specialization and have considerable years of practical experience to support their teaching.
  • Undertaking of cutting-edge research and training off world class postgraduate research
  • We are located in the hub of Ghana’s tourism- the Cape Coast-Elmina area thereby providing easy access to the real tourism/hospitality world. 
  • We have many links with reputable hospitality and tourism stakeholders which brings to bear hands on training and a strong potential for getting a ready job upon graduation.
  • Our graduates continue to find themselves in very high profile positions and are exceling in all spheres.

 So I invite you to spend time to surf the numerous programmes we have on offer and find the one that best fits your current situation and aspirations as you make the decision to embark on this exciting career journey. Do not hesitate to contact us via the channels for enquiries.

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management was carved out of the Department of Geography and Tourism in October 2008 in order to offer programmes that reflect current trends in the hospitality and tourism markets at both the national and international levels. The revised programmes give emphasis to practical aspects of tourism and hospitality service delivery.

Hospitality and Tourism are currently one of the fastest growing sectors of the world economy and this is evidenced by not only the increasing number of tourists who frequently patronise various destinations around the world, but also, the growth in the number of tourism-related facilities. This growth has implications for human resource development. The industry does not only require greater number of people being employed but also higher expectations of quality service. Like most industries, Hospitality and Tourism thrives on the availability of skilled and knowledgeable personnel, hence the need for continued education and training of its personnel.

The introduction of the Hospitality and Toursim programmes is in response to the needs of the market. The Department is the first of its kind to be established in a tertiary educational instittion in Ghana. The Hospitality and Tourism programmes are carefully designed and delievered to meet the demands of employers in the industry. The Department has well-qualfied, dedicated and hardworking faculty and other non-teaching staff who are at the heart of the quality education delivered. We have a cross section of students from all over the country and other West African countries. In line with the Department's vision to become the number one centere for teaching, learning and research in Hospitality and Tourism in Africa, the Department is open to admitting students from all over the globe.


The Department’s vision is to become a centre of excellence and scholarship in hospitality and tourism in Africa.


The mission of the Department is to provide a broad-based training in hospitality and tourism management in order to produce self-confident, innovative and self-reliant graduates for management careers in the Hospitality and Tourism Sectors.


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  • The department strives for excellence in all aspects of academic life. To achieve this, the department encourages faculty and staff to incorporate best practices in teaching and learning well as practical hands-on approach.
  • To allow students and graduates of the Department to meaningfully contribute and drive change in the world of work. Faculty and students are encouraged to adopt innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Emphasis is laid on ingenuity. Students are therefore allowed to freely express themselves and think through and come up with cutting edge ideas that seeks to drive change and uniquely position them in the hospitality and tourism sectors.
  • The Department  has a student centred approach to teaching and learning. The Department believes that its students are its most important assets and therefore adopts a customer oriented approach in dealing with them.
  • The Department is an equal opportunity department that seeks to promote the inclusion and empowerment as well as equity and equality amongst all its stakeholders.


  • The Department is the first of its kind to be established in any tertiary institution in Ghana.  The Department has therefore well-experienced and knowledgeable faculty in the teaching and learning of hospitality and tourism at all levels.
  • The uniqueness of the Department is also reflected in the fact it is the only hospitality and tourism department in Ghana that has undergraduate and postgraduate programmes up to the PhD level. Accordingly there is a strong research-active faculty that is up to date with contemporary issues in hospitality and tourism.
  • Employability in top hospitality and tourism and related firms. Owing to the broad based and innovative training given to our students, they are well sought after in the hospitality and tourism sectors in areas such as aviation, travel and tour, tourism administration, tour guiding, hospitality operations as well as other related industries such as banking, telecommunication and commerce and the academia.
Welcome to Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management
Welcome to Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management